Heal MiMedx Group, Inc. NowA Turnaround with Significant Upside Potential

Prescience Point Intends to Solicit Votes for its Nominees to Refresh the MiMedx Board with World-Class Directors with Zero Attachment to Past Actions and Legacy Issues

Prescience Point believes that MiMedx is significantly undervalued (Read our report outlining why), and that the Company’s potential has been jeopardized by mismanagement and a lack of leadership.

Prescience Point believes that a newly reconstituted Board, with highly-qualified members that are free of any attachment to past actions or legacy issues, will be best positioned to take the steps required to put MiMedx on the right path for unlocking substantial shareholder value.

We have nominated a full slate of world-class candidates for election to MiMedx’s Board at the upcoming Annual Meeting scheduled to be held on June 17, 2019.

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